We Are Buying A House ARE YOU CRAZY

Dated: 06/13/2018

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We Are Buying A House- Are You Crazy?!

So you and your spouse have decided to become homeowners, or perhaps you are buying something for you are your fur babies. You're all pumped and excited, you’ve got the pre-approval letter, and your Realtor is sending you listings. This is an exciting time and you want to talk about it!

You tell one of your co-workers that you’re buying a house and they say “Are you crazy? In this market? I’ve heard blah blah blah etc. etc.”

One thing I always tell my buyers is to limit the people they are talking to throughout the buying process to their immediate family, close friends, or someone who just recently went through the buying process successfully. People love to take a crap on each others’ ambitions and goals, even when they mean well. Some people (like my grandmother for one) inherently believed that worry and negative feedback is how you show someone that you care about them.

They might mean well, but they are hurting you by planting seeds of discouragement. Keep in mind that many of the naysayers are NOT in the market themselves, they do not work in a Real Estate field of any kind, and are basing their opinions on what they’ve heard floating around from various chatter or God-forbid, some Facebook article.

So keep it to yourselves until you are a week away from closing! Then the conversation goes: “My husband/wife/partner and I are closing on a house next week. We are so excited!”

Debbie Downer: “Wow, congrats! Let me know when the House-warming party is!”

Stay positive and call me.

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